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Archive for May, 2013

Zoloft Lawsuit With some new mothers, the newest addition to their family is accompanied by depression and anxiety. These mothers struggle daily with severe depression and most of all a shame that they are feeling this way. While it is fairly common for women to develop depressive symptoms in the days after delivery; the postpartum blues is usually the consequences of a number of various factors . Yet persistent or […]

Categories: Emotional Wellness

Kids just love to play. Even when we were a baby almost anything our parents did to get our attention was to play with us. For instance, when feeding some parents would act and pretend the spoon as a helicopter just to catch the baby’s interest to eat. Come to think of it, since we were babies, we were fond of playing games and we just did not realize that […]

Educational games are combination of learning and fun. Education is defined as a process of acquiring knowledge, skills and also imparting it to others while game is an amusement and competitive activity. When it is put altogether in teaching the children, the process of attaining some knowledge or skills would be like a past time for them and easy to learn. Professionals have designed the educational games to be efficient […]

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