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Kids just love to play. Even when we were a baby almost anything our parents did to get our attention was to play with us. For instance, when feeding some parents would act and pretend the spoon as a helicopter just to catch the baby’s interest to eat. Come to think of it, since we were babies, we were fond of playing games and we just did not realize that we were actually learning.

The first sense that developed is our sense of hearing. Practically, we learned music first. A kid who is actively involved in music or belong to a music-inclined family, most probably are interested in singing, dancing or playing the instruments. These days there are several classes for kids to choose from, for example, singing lesson, dance class, and kids’ band. These are recreational activities that help develop hearing and motor skills. It also improves the sense of timing and balance. Kids will enjoy those classes and they may find their talent at early age of two, if parents would encourage them to partake on discovering their gifts.

Another example of educational activity is a drawing workshop. At early age, the sense of sight have slowly developed, kids become aware of bright colors in the beginning and eventually have adjusted to identify colors in dim light. Crayons are attractive to kids. They will just grab it and scribble anything and unfavorably everywhere but who knows, your child could become one of the famous artists in his time.

The most important thing for a kid to learn is manners. Apart of those educational activities mentioned, professionals or parents are responsible in imparting the values while they are also learning. Encourage the kids to be in a group to practice interaction and social behavior.

Therefore, educational activities can be fun and exciting or dull and boring depending on how you deliver the learning to them. However, above all else, demonstrate kindness while teaching.

Categories: Educational Activities Posted by Hazel Williams May - 22 - 2013