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Educational games are combination of learning and fun. Education is defined as a process of acquiring knowledge, skills and also imparting it to others while game is an amusement and competitive activity. When it is put altogether in teaching the children, the process of attaining some knowledge or skills would be like a past time for them and easy to learn. Professionals have designed the educational games to be efficient in expanding thinking skills such as analytic, decision-making process, and cognitive development. It is not only mental work but also it increases motor capabilities and decreases stress and depression.

For instances, there are a lot of choices in educational games, if you are a type of person who likes board games, you may like to bask your mind to the old fashion ways such as cards, chess, puzzles, scrabbles or even the snakes and ladders. It is enjoyable. It is known to most of us from grown-ups to kids. And all of the games mentioned are available in the computer or on mobile phones. Nonetheless, video games are getting more famous in this generation. It may be brutal yet challenging and many of the kids and young adults are more likely to get addicted by it. These games may either be therapeutically helping kids mentally or it could be influential and may lead to bad habits.

Health benefits that one may get from educational games are what parents would always seek for their kids. Aside from what has been mentioned, games that are played in the screen are proven to reinforce good vision. Especially those games that are fast-paced and require an extreme amount of attention, in other words it sharpens your eyes. Moreover, though it is stated that educational games may boost up mental well-being, it also gives you the feeling of happiness, and for those who wanted to give it a try, invite your grandparents or parents to play video games with you and see if they do not feel like teenagers again.

Therefore, any type of games may be educational and beneficial to the kids and young at heart.

Categories: Educational Games Posted by Hazel Williams May - 15 - 2013