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Women who have problems with her uterus that may lead to cancer may opt for a hysterectomy, health care providers say, and they may choose between the traditional open, laparoscopic or robotic-assisted hysterectomy. The advantage of using a robotic hysterectomy over a laparoscopic surgery has not been established and remains controversial, according to Dr. Oz. Laparoscopic and robotic-assisted operation both employ minimally invasive techniques by making small incisions instead of opening up the patient to perform the necessary procedures. The same outcomes are expected in women who undergo both procedure but the costs and risks may be different.

The Da Vinci surgical system offers many upgrades from the traditional laparoscopic surgery. It provides better three-dimensional vision compared to the two-dimensional vision from the laparoscopic device. It gives surgeon better flexibility and precision in moving the instruments. The surgeon may also opt to scale down the movements to make it precise to the dot. Even though the robot is the one performing the surgery, the surgeon is still in control and the one who directs the movements of the robot. The capacity of the robotic surgical system indeed surpasses the traditional laparoscopic device, but the results of both procedures are the same especially when an experienced surgeon uses the laparoscopic device.

Choosing between the two remains to be controversial as the robotic-assisted surgery is more expensive compared to that of the simple laparoscopic technique. The learning curve in using this new technology also makes the operation much longer for surgeons who have just started using it. Patients may choose between the two but the manufacturers have heightened their marketing strategy making the robotic-assisted surgery preferred by most, critics say. There are several concerns regarding the possible electrical burns that patients may encounter, according to the article from the NBC News. Patients may ask their surgeon all about the procedure – its risks and benefits, to be able to make sound decisions. They need to be aware of the possible complications that may come from the surgical procedure, robotic assistant or the underlying health complications. There are even several Da Vinci surgery lawsuit filed against the manufacturer because of these complications.

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Categories: Emotional Wellness Posted by Hazel Williams Aug - 10 - 2013