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Zoloft Lawsuit

With some new mothers, the newest addition to their family is accompanied by depression and anxiety. These mothers struggle daily with severe depression and most of all a shame that they are feeling this way. While it is fairly common for women to develop depressive symptoms in the days after delivery; the postpartum blues is usually the consequences of a number of various factors


Yet persistent or worsening depression after delivery, called postpartum depression, affects about one out of 10 new mothers within six months of delivery. The new mothers who are at the highest risk of contracting postpartum depression are teens and women with a history of depression.

For these mothers there have been several debates on if the taking of anti-depressants such as Zoloft is safe. According to recent studies the answer to that question is yes. In trails done by Katherine L. Wisner, MD, director of Women’s Behavioral HealthCare at the University of Pittsburgh’s Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Zoloft is one of the safest anti-depressants to use for breastfeeding mothers who are suffering from postpartum depression.

According to the trails Zoloft was not found in either the blood or breast milk of the mothers who were tested. Doctor Wisner goes on saying that “if Zoloft is passed to the baby that it would be a very very small amount that would not harm the baby at all, and that even if it’s a trace amount the vast majority of research has been encouraging … very reassuring about breastfeeding”

The study goes on to see on what effects that Zoloft would have on the children after the infant and toddler years. According to the study there were no significant differences in IQ, temperament, behavior, reactivity, mood, distractibility, or activity level between exposed and non-exposed children.

Dr. Wisner goes on to say “That at this point it is the general consensus that using anti-depressants such as Zoloft is safe for use while breastfeeding an infant. There have been many other studies besides ours that have the same conclusion that physicians can be comfortable with prescribing the drug to their breastfeeding patients.” With these new findings many experts are also left wondering what would happen to the Zoloft lawsuits filed against the makers of Zoloft claiming adverse side effects.

If you think that Zoloft is right for your sign and symptoms of depression consult with your doctor. You might also want to check www.zoloftlawsuitcenter.net for more information about Zoloft.

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Categories: Emotional Wellness Posted by Hazel Williams May - 27 - 2013