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Over the course of the past 30 years, surgical treatment improvements and joint implant developments have opened up new possibilities for effective options in alleviating pain & disability associated with certain bone or joint diseases, medical experts say. Deemed as the most effective means to osteoarthritis relief, joint replacement surgery has been associated with lesser pain, greater mobility, and improved joint function in the afflicted.

In a joint replacement surgery, which is frequently carried out in the hip or knee, a surgeon removes the damaged cartilage on both sides of the affected joint and puts in an artificial joint implant, as was described by medical journals. Most patients who undergo the procedure are those aged 60 and above. People of younger ages who have sustained significant joint damage from injuries or physically demanding work may also be subject to joint replacement surgery.

Chiropractic Care: An Alternative to Joint Replacement SurgeryWhile joint replacement surgery may effectively alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis, addressing the debilitating joint condition is not limited to the procedure. When lifestyle changes, medications, or other non-surgical techniques may have failed to provide relief, some doctors may recommend other methods, such as chiropractic treatment, especially to those who wish to delay hip or knee replacement surgery.

Although there is reportedly no scientific indication that chiropractic care could inhibit the progress and damage brought about by osteoarthritis, health experts point out various ways through which chiropractic care may aid in osteoarthritis treatment. In fact, some studies have reportedly shown that manipulative therapy typically utilized in chiropractic treatment may provide greater range of motion, restore normal spine movement, improve joint coordination, relax the muscles, and reduce persistent joint pain. Treatment options in chiropractic care may involve spinal adjustments, knee or hip joint manipulation, joint exercises for support and function, dietary counseling, or deep tissue massage.

Every individual varies in his or her medical needs, and although some patients may benefit from alternative methods, others, particularly those with severe cases of osteoarthritis, may still require further treatment, according to medical experts. Individuals whose symptoms may have failed to respond to non-invasive treatment may be ultimately advised to undergo joint replacement surgery.

Despite the benefits this procedure has to offer, certain risks may still arise, medical experts say. Use of some artificial hip devices, such as metal-on-metal (MoM) implants for hip replacement surgery, has been reportedly associated with a string of serious complications. In fact, these devices have been the subject of several hip replacement lawsuits & research studies in recent years. In view of this, experts encourage patients to weigh the benefits and risks related to these implants with their performing surgeon prior to surgery for a well-guided choice.

Categories: Fitness Posted by Hazel Williams Aug - 23 - 2013